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Intuitive oracle/ tarot readings:

Guidance video or live chat with questions after included: $40/ £30/ €30



Types of readings:

Tree of life

Based on the Kabbalistic tree of knowledge of good & evil. A 10 card spread reflecting the spiritual and material world. For general readings / specific questions

5 element moon cycle reading for women

A deep exploration of the female cycle, corresponding 5 element energies of Chinese medicine and the moon cycles. How you can personally utilize your energies to get the best out of your cycle and work in harmony with it. To benefit your physical, mental and emotional health and how to use it to your advantage with projects, relationships and diary planning.

5 element moon reading for men

A detailed exploration of the 5 elements and moon cycles with guidance about to personally utilize these to bring more focus into your daily/ monthly life, projects and relationship.

Past life

A detailed look into a past life which is influencing your current life. By exploring this life we can unblock energy and help move forward in the present day. Explores karma/ lessons brought forward to this life and how to overcome those.

Practical action plan

How to best fill your full potential, identify anything holding you back. Advice and guidance from your higher self focused towards an achievable outcome.

Soul mate

Explores a deep connection you have with someone in the past/ present/ future, past connections and lessons to be learnt.

Law of attraction

Guidance from your higher self about how you can raise your frequency to deepen your spiritual connection and move past any blocks.  How to manifest more of what you want.



I really can’t speak highly enough of the personal reading that Laura provided.

She brought up many things that immediately resonated with me as well as a multitude of others that I had not seen in myself but upon reflection realised were spot on.

I had my first reading done at a difficult time and it has helped me immeasurably to sort through the emotions and thoughts that were stopping me from moving forward and developing spiritually.

Her loving, compassionate and empathic style mean that I would recommend a personal reading from Laura to anyone.




I’ve had at least 4 readings with Laura so far! that should say enough… but honestly i love the readings i get from Laura, she is very talented & highly intuitive! I found all her readings spot on & most if not all of the things she brings up I resonate with. Some are even things that I had to work on after the readings as i realized It was something i was dealing with subconsciously! Shes amazing at connecting with the person shes doing the reading for & able to feel & have compassion for the other person! I always feel better after her readings, she is able to answer all my questions and help me clarify a lot of things & give me guidance on what issues i might be dealing with at the time of the reading 😊

I highly recommend Laura for all kind of readings! 🙂


Tarot and related readings have always been a curious practice to me, Laura has done me a few remote readings and I can say I have felt many things, but at the least touched, moved, understood, seen with clarity and no least educated!

Laura’s intuitive approach carries her practice far, this combined with her honest and genuinely fun style makes her readings a wonderful compliment to my spiritual life.

The knowledge I take away from her readings create conscious clarity for me; this helps me make the most out of my life.



Laura has great respect and integrity in her readings. She is very intuitive and connects easily with spirit in her heart to provide heartfelt  honest readings. I highly recommend her to you if you feel a strong connection she will guide you well.



Laura’s reading was for me a wonderful experience.
Laura has incredible sensitivity and the messages she delivers to you come from the heart.
I was very touched by all the precious information she gave to me (especially about my past life) and the love and the kindness of each of her messages.
Through this reading I learned a lot about myself and what I’m doing here. Thank you so much Laura!
I wish and recommend everyone to experience this incredible perspective and to be blessed by Laura and her cards.
With lots of love,


I am very pleased with the reading that Laura gave me. It was presented with a transparent and honest manner and respectful at the same time. The information she provided was very accurate. She mentioned about my blocks, potentials and intuitively she gave me advice for the future. I am convinced Laura is a gifted woman.




10 Comments Add yours

  1. Fantastic and I love all the services you are offering ❤️ xx


  2. lauragoss8 says:

    Thank you so much Siobhan!! X X x


  3. Arwa says:

    I had at least 3 readings with Laura so far & they were all great!! she’s amazing! highly recommend 🙂 XXXX


    1. lauragoss8 says:

      Thank you ! It was a pleasure X X

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Jen says:

    Hi, how do I book a reading with you? Thank x


  5. Jen says:

    Laura is so intuitive, the first card she picked during my reading described exactly how I was feeling at the time. She is very sensitive and caring and made me feel at ease. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. fallingidg says:

    I would like to get in contact for a reading. thank you!


    1. Laura Lion says:

      Hi there, thank you for getting in touch.
      Please email me at for more information.


  7. scg256 says:

    Laura is gifted, she’s compassionate, professional and extremely insightful. I’ve never had a reading before, but upon witnessing my energy being taken in and my cards being read out, I found it to be humbling, also enlightening to learn things about myself which I already knew deep down, plus things which I hadn’t fully considered.

    I now know that I am on the middle path, I will continue on this course as I am forever changed from this point and I am eternally grateful.

    Thank you Laura Lion for coming into my life, may we both continue to seek the truth and remain true to ourselves and those around us.

    All the best,

    Liked by 1 person

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