The Celestine Prophecy- The 9 Insights

The Celestine Prophecy  is a book which speaks of a spiritual unfolding that no science or religion has yet fully explained.  Once we understand how to engage in this process, human society will take a huge leap into a more fulfilling creative life, creating a culture that has been the goal of history all along and leaving behind the restlessness and frustration currently being experienced. In the novel an ancient manuscript was discovered containing 9 insights. This book really crystalised things for me and the novel was written so well so as to present the information but part of me also just wished there was a shorter condensed version simply with just the insights. This is what I want to present in this post.

If you prefer this in video form, here is a link to my YouTube summary:

Here are the 9 insights:

  1. Becoming aware of the coincidences and synchronicities

Coincidences are occurring with much more frequency, feeling like our lives are being guided by an unknown force. Each synchronicity holds a message so become aware of them. It is showing you that you are on the right path. You are experiencing events and meeting certain people for a reason.  (This will be further explained in later insights).

  1. Putting our current awareness into a longer historical perspective

History is not just the evolution of technology but also of thought. If we understand the reality of those who came before us it becomes clear why we look at the world in the way that we do.

In the Middle Ages the clergy said there is God and the devil and that the clergy were the only ones who could interpret the scriptures to guide people into walking the line of God and not the devil. Then in the 14/15th century this view was challenged by the Renaissance and Reformation. The church began to fall apart;  people realised these men were far from perfect themselves and by the 1600’s astronomers disproved the church’s theory that the Sun and stars revolved around the Earth. There became a need for science, a way to systematically explore the world. Explorers were sent out to bring back an explanation of our existence but they did not return right away.  The lack of certainty and meaning greatly affected Western culture. It needed something to do while waiting for the answers. So it became lost in secular and economic security to replace the spiritual security which had been lost. Questions of why we are alive and what was going on were slowly repressed altogether. Establishing a more comfortable lifestyle became the new focus but we forgot what we were surviving for. People became completely obsessed with their work, developing stress-related diseases, unable to slow down or cease distracting themselves.  The drive to conquer nature and make ourselves more comfortable left the natural systems of the planet polluted and on the verge of collapse. This preoccupation was a necessary development in human evolution however it’s now time to wake up from that and consider the original question. What’s beyond life on this planet and why are we really here?

  1. Everything is energy

Following on from the second insight, scientists adopted an attitude of scientific scepticism.  This in effect demands solid physical evidence for something or else it is systematically rejected so as to keep our world feeling safe and manageable. However experiments have now revealed that when you break apart aspects of energy (elementary particles) and try to observe how they operate, in observing the results are altered.  Everything is made up of energy, we are energy. Up until now this energy has been invisible to us but we are going to start being able to see it. Not only see it but understand how malleable it can be based on our thoughts and intentions. The perception of this energy increases with our heightened sensitivity to beauty.

  1. Competition for energy

maxresdefaultViolence comes from the urge to control and dominate one another. In conversation one of 2 things happen. One can come away feeling strong or weak. No matter the situation or subject matter we unconsciously say whatever necessary to prevail over the other, thereby controlling and remaining on top of the encounter for a psychological boost. We manipulate each other.  For example a child constantly being scolded and shouted at by her parents who then feel more in control and in doing so act as vampires of the child’s energy. This is the cause of drama and conflict in the world.

  1. Attaining energy from source

Conscious-AwakeningMystical consciousness is now attainable by a growing number of individuals. And this is key to the ending of human conflict in the world. By receiving energy not from others (as in insight 4) but from the unlimited supply of universal energy. Firstly plant food- but only by appreciating what we are eating (e.g. saying a prayer before eating or through mindful eating). In this way the energy from food can actually enter the body. After achieving this we then can increase our sensitivities to other things. When we look at trees, we can appreciate their beauty and imagine a flow of energy from them going into us and flowing back again. Being in a state of love and appreciation connects our energy to source. Love is not a concept reserved for just a few people in our lives it is a state of being which exists when one is connected to the universal energy (God/ the Universe). When we visualise that each breathe pulls energy into us like a balloon we become more energised and lighter.

  1. Control dramas- clearing the past

Everyone is said to have their own ‘control drama’; way of controlling those around them in order to get energy coming their way (as in insight 4). To avoid taking energy from others we must tap into the universal energy (insight 5) and also become aware of our personal control drama and how it was created (in childhood). There are 4:

Aloofness: withdrawing from others, appearing mysterious and secretive, telling oneself that it is out of being cautious but it is actually in order to create interest and pull someone in closer. You get their full attention and they send you energy.

Interrogating:  interrogators probe /ask lots of questions in order to find something wrong with the answers of someone to then critisise and draw energy from the other person.

Poor me: these people take energy by being able to easily make those around them feel guilty for no reason just by being in their presence. They create a feeling like you haven’t done enough for them.

Intimidator: an intimidator takes energy from others using aggression.

How these archetypes are created:

An intimidator parent creates a poor me or another intimidator child. If someone is physically intimidating you, becoming aloof doesn’t work; you can’t get them to give you energy by being coy because the parent doesn’t care what’s going on inside the child. One must appeal to the intimidator’s mercy and become passive and guilt-tripping. If this doesn’t work the child then becomes aggressive too. For example when faced with an intimidator parent a child might cry (poor me) and when that doesn’t work eventually turn to aggression to become heard.  Children will do whatever extreme necessary to get attention from the family. After that the strategy becomes their dominant way of relating to and controlling others.

Interrogator parents create aloof children: their constant probing and critisism forces the child to become hyper aware of what the interrogator is doing so as to not do anything wrong that the interrogator would notice. The child becomes vague and distant (aloof). It pulls the child off their own path and ends up giving the interrogator energy!

On the flip side. An aloof parent creates an interrogator child. If the parent is pre-occupied and ignoring the child, becoming aloof would not work because the parent wouldn’t notice.  So the child resorts to probing and prying and trying to find something wrong in the aloof parent to force attention and energy. This child would then grow up to easily pick faults in others.

There is a tendency to see these behaviors in others but in order to be free of these dramas we must identify them in ourselves and transcend them.

  1. Using intuition, life questions and coincidences

Once we have acquired enough energy as in insight 5) we are ready to engage our own evolution by finding the small questions we currently have in life,  asking the question, and receiving an intuitive direction of what to do/where to go next.  We must then become alert and watchful because sooner or later the coincidences will occur to move us into that direction. We must  stop as often as we need to restore our energy.

When we become the observer of our thoughts (through meditation/ mindfulness) we can ask- why is this thought coming now, is it related to my current life questions?  Any negative (fear based) images should be immediately replaced with positive whenever observed. Soon, negative images will almost never happen and our intuitions will all be positive. After this time, whenever negative images do come, they should be taken very seriously and action should be taken to avoid what the negative image is showing (for example if it is showing a truck crash and someone offers you a ride on a truck you don’t accept it).

By keeping our current question in mind and then watching for direction either in a dream or intuitive thought (just having a feeling of ‘knowing’ something’)  and following meaningful coincidences; we will be moved in the right direction. Each time these coincidences lead us into something new we grow and become fuller people, existing at a higher vibration.

  1. Relating to others

Firstly children. We must view them as they really are- end points in our evolution that lead us forward. They need our energy consistently and unconditionally if they are to grown up without control dramas to get their energy. They should always be included in conversations, especially about themselves. One should never take responsibility for more children than they can give attention to. People will gradually understand that they should not bring into the world children unless there is one adult all the time to focus full attention on each child. The energy must be constant but need not come from only the parents, in fact it’s better if it doesn’t.  We should always find a way to tell a child the truth. When a child always has enough energy on her she assumes that she will always have that energy which makes the transition from getting energy from the adults to getting it from the universe so much easier.

Secondly- addiction to another person. We can become engaged in evolving ourselves but this evolution can be stopped dead in its tracks suddenly by addiction to another person.  When love first happens each person voluntarily and unconsciously gives the other person energy. If we don’t already attain our energy for the universe or cease doing it once entering a relationship, we rely on energy from each other and there eventually doesn’t seem to be enough to go around. So then we move into our control dramas to get more. This is the feeling which happens when the initial bliss and euphoria of ‘falling in love’ ceases.

Third: we become addicted to someone of the opposite sex because we have yet to access the opposite sex energy in ourselves due to dysfunctional family upbringings. If both sexes aren’t yet fully integrated in a person then we walk around like a C (half formed) instead or an O (fully formed). When someone of the opposite sex then comes in our life that opposite sex person completes the circle instead of it being completed by us as an individual. If we can connect to the universal energy and complete our circles ourselves then we are never susceptible to a drama control relationship again and we are able to enter into a ‘higher relationship’. How? by resisting ‘love at first sight’ feelings, learning to have platonic relationships first. We are all codependent but we can learn to grow out of this.

Finally- everyone we meet has a message for us.  If we listen we will hear it. Sometimes we keep running into the same people over and over unexpectedly- we haven’t yet received the message from them.

  1. Conscious evolution

Human culture is changing as a result of conscious evolution. We will voluntarily decrease our population so that we may all live in the most energetically powerful and beautiful places on Earth. We will intentionally let forests go uncut so that they can mature and give us energy so there will be more of these beautiful places for us to live. Humans will live amongst 500 year old tress but within easy travel distance of an urban area of incredible technological wizardry. Food, clothing and transportation will be fully automated and our needs will be met without the need of currency yet also without over-indulgence or laziness. We will be guided by our intuitions to know what to do and when and this will fit harmoniously with the actions of others around us. We have let go of the need to consume excessively, possess and control for security. We will be able to see that the real reason for 5 centuries of creating material supports is to set the stage for something else. There will be alternative solutions to pollution and individuals will shift from one occupation to another (which is already happening) because they will start to receive clear intuitions of what they are meant to be doing to continue to grow. Instead of being materialistic we will find our life purpose. Employment hours will be cut so that 2-3 people can do one full time job. Money won’t be an issue. When we give- it creates a void and in return we receive (law of attraction). The more money we give the more we will receive; we will have more than we could possibly give away. Until this time we could not feed the poor or save the environment because for so long we have not been able to release our fear of scarcity and need to control so we were not able to give to others. Living in forests we will all have more energy and our process of evolution will accelerate.


Thank you for reading and visiting my blog.  Spirituality and truth-seeking go hand in hand. For up to date information on world events that the mainstream news won’t report on, see my series ‘Pandora’s Box’ under my blog heading ‘Brain food’.

With love



The Celestine Prophecy. James Redfield

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  1. Arwa says:

    thank you so much for doing this Laura – summarizing the main points of the book!! 🙂 love it XXX

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  2. jkaybay says:

    Yes – great summary!
    The book is frustrating in parts – the narrative and use of language is haphazard and sloppy at times. A summary like yours is a helpful reminder of the message without having to reread the book!


    1. lauragoss8 says:

      Thanks! That’s exactly why I wanted to do it. Helped me too 🙂


  3. Mark Suddaby says:

    Extremely interesting and thought provoking Laura.


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