Health facts: WHY the truth about meat and dairy is hidden from us

The health consequences of eating meat and dairy can be found on my previous blog post here. This post will hopefully go some way in explaining the wrong information that has been given to us all our lives.

  1. All research points to meat and dairy being part of a healthy diet. A lot of research of impacts of meat and dairy on our health is funded by the meat and dairy council
  2. The health charities are independent and put our health first. The American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association take sponsor money from the following meat and dairy giants:Screenshot_2017-06-22-17-01-40 As a result it is no wonder that the health dangers of meat and dairy are not mentioned on their websites and furthermore the sites actually promote recipes containing processed meat, red meat and dairy
  3. The pharmaceutical companies just want to help us and for us to be healthier. The same above charity societies above also take money from the below pharmaceutical companies. This industry is making billions of dollars from the same diseases that the health groups are trying to endScreenshot_2017-06-22-17-59-40Screenshot_2017-06-22-17-59-29
  4. 80% of US antibiotics go to animal agriculture, it’s a huge business benefitting the pharmaceutical industry. Diabetes, heart disease and cancer is worth $1,500,000,000,000.00. Drugs have become part of our normal life but we DON’T have to accept this. The more pills an individual takes , the more they need.Addiction_c
  5. If meat and dairy were that bad the government wouldn’t let us eat it, let alone recommend it. The US Department of Agricultural is responsible for dietary guidelines. Individuals on the this committee are taking money from the following:  McDonalds, the National Dairy Council, the American Meat Institute, Dannon, Mars, Coca Cola and many more. We are therefore getting our recommendations from the very industry that is killing us. (how did it get there picture ask sophie?)
  6. Further: the phamaceutical industry spends more money on political lobbying than ANY other industry. They effectively make their own laws, not only this but they put activists in prison to silence them . AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJ8AAAAJGQxZDA3Y2QyLWNiZjAtNDdkOS1hYmIzLWUyMDA3YzdlMDY0Nw
  7. My doctor would have said something if diet was that important: the truth is your doctor probably isn’t aware. Doctors receive 7 hours food education every few years. Not only this but the pharmaceutical companies actually even lobbied against this and said 7 hours was too much!

    Transcript: ‘7 hours… that’s a lot….. even if it’s over one 4 year period’

20170623_110937I will finish with a paragraph of a blog I recently read which I think sums things up perfectly for me:

“…. we have responsibility of our own health, and relying on the government for a magic cancer cure pill, or the perfect diet to eat for optimum health does not exist when it comes to bully corporations and their desire for money, greed and power. It really feels like a ‘Galactic empire’ from star wars, and that there is a small rebel force such as the plant based community who are trying the fight back and regain control of everyone’s lives”



What the Health Documentary. Kip Andersen & Keegan Kuhn

‘What The Health’ Documentary Review



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    love these two posts!!! what the health is by far the best documentary, everyone needs to check it out!!

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    Very nicely researched and written. Looking forward to more 🙂


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