12 surprising health facts about meat and dairy

My personal reasons for not eating meat or dairy were wholly based around animal welfare. However since making this decision I am finding out more all the time about the detrimental health consequences of eating meat and dairy, including surprisingly for me- chicken, fish, milk and eggs.  I have also found out why we have been led to believe that these foods are not only healthy but essential and why certain facts have been kept from us. There was too much of this to cover in 1 blog post so I have the covered these reasons in another blog post here.

Here are 12 facts that I was surprised to discover:

  1. 1 serving of processed meat (bacon, sausage, ham) per day increases our risk of diabetes by 51%.  It has been classed by the World Health Organisation as a class 1 carcinogenic (a substance which can produce cancer) and is in same category as smoking2015_10_23-Carcinogen-Meat1194119130
  2. Red meat (beef, lamb, pork) is a class 2 carcinogenic
  3. White meat is healthy though right? We have been led by clever marketing to believe that white meats are healthier. Yet the biggest source of carcinogens (formed when ANY meat is heated) is chicken. It also contains nearly as much cholesterol as beef
  4. We need eggs for protein. Actually, eating 1 egg per day is the equivalent of smoking 5 cigarettes/ day in terms of life expectancy. Egg yolk is pure fat/ cholesterol and messes with our hormone levels
  5. Fish are a great source of protein and essential fatty acids. Wild Fish are mercury sponges (mercury is a toxic heavy metal which impacts brain development and kidneys). All fish contain cholesterol and some more than others. Farmed fish contain harmful pesticides (linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s, ADHD and reproductive problems) and antibioticsct_mother-fish_600-257x300
  6. Milk is delicious AND healthy. Cow’s milk (containing a load of hormones and antibiotics) can cause health problems such as eczema, acid-reflux and anaemia. Organic milk is still packed oestrogen, saturated fat and cholesterol and even pus.  Cow’s milk is made for baby cows. We don’t need cow’s milk in the same way we don’t need donkey or mouse milk. It is no surprise that most people in the world are actually lactose intolerant.
  7. Cheese is sooooo good though. Cheese is the most highly-processed and biggest source of cholesterol you can find. It has been linked to multiple sclerosis, heart disease and diabetes.
  8. Children especially need milk. Milk is one of the most brain-washing, misldeading marketed entities. Studies from Harvard have shown that milk has NO impact on children’s development of strong bones. In fact people who drink milk have more bone problems such as osteoporosis, more cancer, diabetes and live shorter lives
  9. 80-90% of pork chops, ground beef and chicken breasts are contaminated with faecal bacteria. Erghhhh
  10. We NEED meat and dairy for protein. ALL protein is made by plants, any protein from an animal is simply recycled from a plant and in the UK we actually consume 45- 55% more protein than we need
  11. Plant-based diets clean the body and allow it to then heal itself. It can stop and even reverse diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Some people find they can come off their medication in under 2 weeks.
  12. If a plant-based diet was so natural and healthy why do you need to take B12 supplements? B12 comes from bacteria in the soil but our vegetables and fruit nowadays are so highly-cleaned with pesticides that as a plant-based eater I must take supplements. The B12 found in meat comes from the bacteria living in the often unclean slaughter-houses4304ba917e4bc6bd73c33bb4c52b2c4f

green and red healthy food

Managed to write a whole article without using the V word! Get in.


What the Health Documentary. Kip Andersen & Keegan Kuhn


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