2 ingredient deliciously thick body butter

The best things about this recipe are that it is mega easy, extremely thick and moisturising and unlike most shop-purchased body creams contains no nasty chemicals. See my blog post here about the toxic (in both senses of the word) nature of the beauty industry. And here for my post on easy to make beauty products using just 3 kitchen ingredients.

The following ingredients contain antioxidant, healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. This cream can be used on eczema, scars, stretch marks, chapped lips, hair or just as a good old daily body moisturiser.  It is also a great make-up remover!


2 parts shea butter

1 part coconut oil

Few drops of your favourite essential oil (optional) (I use lavender)



Essential oils for hair


  1. Combine and heat the shea butter and coconut oil over a pan until melted
  2. Wait to cool then add any essential oil you are using
  3. Transfer to a dish/ container and allow to set
  4. Lather on skin for amazing softness and smell!20170628_122605

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