LSD- A blissfully spiritual day without ego, consistent thoughts or judgment

Note : This is not an advocation of any kind of drug, merely a (brief) account of experience which I have tried to keep as honest and non-sensationalised as possible. This is not about what lsd is , though a more detailed explanation including the legality and possible risks can be found here. Note this is a government-funded site and for a more-rounded picture more independent research is needed including conspiracies surrounding the war on drugs  for which there is no room to fully explore here. Any usage should always be fully researched beforehand.
My experience with lsd and the benefits I have received can be broken down into the following categories.


What is the ego? Perhaps it is actually more than we are brought up to believe it is.
‘The ego is an identity of our own construction, an identity which is false….. beliefs about our personality, talents, and abilities…. but the mental construct of our “self” is artificial. (The ego plays) an immense role in creating emotional drama in our lives.’ (1)

It is believed by many to be the cause of a lot of unhappiness in human beings and something that (through practices such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness) can be reduced and even removed.


With lsd I experience no / a considerably-reduced ego (dependent on the dose taken). There is no arrogance or judgment (of myself or others),  only pure honesty and a child-like feeling of inquisitiveness but with all the knowledge I’ve accumulated so far.



‘Thinking has become a disease. ..compulsive thinking is actually an addiction ‘ Eckhart Tolle ‘The Power of Now’

Imagine a day without ANY painful thoughts or anxiety.  On lsd my thoughts come as usual but go before I really have time to get caught up in them. I am very aware of each thought coming in and a bad feeling starting to form from it. This bad feeling might usually last a few minutes or longer on a normal day, if not I would have ignored it but it would have turned into a nagging feeling somewhere in the back of my mind (and, somewhere in my body if I ever pay attention to it) . It is refreshing for these feelings to completely leave and not stick around, because I don’t ‘buy into’ them. I am able to recognize them as exactly what they were: only thoughts, not the truth and not reality and therefore not able to cause me pain. Another result of the significantly-reduced mind traffic is an increase in energy! (Why do you think monks need such little sleep!) Unsure of how thoughts are using you rather than the other way round? See here.



The distance created above with my own thoughts is extended to the way I see the world, society and individuals. Lsd connects parts of your brain that are usually disconnected which I think is interesting considering another effect of lsd is that I no longer feel disconnected from other people, species or the world. I definitely feel a higher sense of being ‘at one’ with the universe (hippie cliche rolling of the eyes!)

images‘People think experience is coming at them from the outside in, but it’s actually coming through them from the inside out.’

‘I know two things for sure: I seem to be part of a larger whole, and I’m not in charge of how things unfold. If you want to call that larger whole or great unfolding “life” or “the universe” or “spirit,” I’m okay with that. If you want to call it “God,” I’m okay with that too.’

Michael Neill ‘The Inside Out Revolution’

It seems that the experience of lsd is highly led by your own level of knowledge at the time and your current topics of interest. Recently I have been doing a lot of research about the way society works, how we are controlled and by whom. As such my thoughts usually turn to these topics and I am able to explore them with a totally new and detached perspective, even exhibiting empathy for those at the top (those controlling the banking systems and above!) as I feel my anger and frustration for them melt away.


I have a huge number of ‘profound’ thoughts during these trips. The frustrating thing is that, just as bad thoughts come and go, intelligent thoughts do the same so it takes a lot longer to articulate them out loud 🙂 I have found that a reduction in dose allows for a higher level of articulation (but perhaps a reduced level of ‘profoundness’- I’m not sure). During smaller doses I am also able to effectively write my thoughts onto paper which I found really helpful to look back on. I find that although some of the benefits of the trips can be felt even after they have finished- it is not easy to remember every useful thought unless it is recorded.

Mindfulness (being in the present moment )

Taking lsd made me realise that I had never truly been in the present moment before, despite thinking I had (during meditation). To experience being truly in the present moment with no ‘mind ‘, that is – no thoughts at all about the past or what I was going to do afterwards , was a beautiful feeling and a taster of what could be achieved daily if I continue to practise mindfulness and meditation.



Although not the best part of a trip for me, this is definitely a fun part. Patterns on the ceiling moving , trees breathing , veins on your arm flowing is absolutely fascinating and can take your attention for many minutes and really help you become completely in the moment.


Problem solving / therapy 

Lsd has been proven to aid in psychotherapy sessions and for the treatment of addictions, OCD, depression and anxiety. It also increases creativity, compassion and happiness (2).

I have tried writing any issues I have in my life at that time prior to a trip and through the ego dissolution and without damaging thoughts, I am able to shed a new perspective on them (pretty much solve all my problems!). The best thing lsd has done for me so far is to fully heal the relationship with my mother. I wrote down on my list during one trip ‘to forgive my mum ‘. When I looked at this on lsd I laughed …forgive her for what ?? Seeing people and society from a distance made me realise she is just another person , doing her best . The idea of forgiving her was laughable, and yet it is something I had wanted to do for at least the past 10 years prior to this (sorry mum !).


Increased levels of consciousness

Briefy this is ones ability to see human existence in a broader spiritual sense, to see things as a whole rather than as separate entities including a detachment of the material world. Lsd can help with this (3)

Long-lasting benefits / come down 

One of the best things about lsd is that unlike other drugs such as mdma,  I have never experienced a come down (except when taken with marajuana). The insights I gain during the trips do not leave when I wake up the next day . The relationship with my mum has significantly improved and I have had a glimpse of what life can be every day if I continue to practise mindfulness and meditation.

Interesting links/ articles

Timothy Leary

Terence Mckenna

Aldous Huxley






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