Marketing and billboards
adverts on tv
they put them there to blind us
so we look but we don’t see

If you think you do, you don’t
know what’s really going on
if you think it makes us happy
I’m sorry, but you’re wrong

These incidents that happen
are merely a distraction
to conquer and divide us
so they can take their action

The poison’s everywhere
but noone really looks
it’s in our food and water
and our education books

At first it seemed it was just me
the only one to care
but I looked a little further,
there were others everywhere

This is no place to be natural
everything human you must hide
the true colour of your skin and lips
and push your thoughts aside

Because if I’m allowed to show
the real tone of my face
they couldn’t sell their makeup
to the entire human race

Lighten it or tan it
we care about your skin
if you’re slim where are your curves?
if you’re big why aren’t you thin?

Why can’t you just be you?
have you ever even asked?
what are you scared of showing?
do you fear to be unmasked?

For we all feel vulnerability
it’s part of being human
and if we cover it, what example
are we setting for our children?

So speak up and be honest
if you don’t want to do
what everybody else does
and just want to be you


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