Stop being so bloody sensitive


I love your sensitivity
nurture it, it’s a treasure
like a superhuman power
said noone to anybody ever

You’re upset oh no- I must fix this-
you’re broken, please don’t cry
these tears make me uncomfortable
supress them, make them dry

A perfectly natural display
of normal human behaviour
is seen by some as weak
too feminine, a problem, a failure

Stop being so bloody sensitive
they’re just animals, killed for us
now eat up all your diner
and stop making such a fuss

Don’t question, object or argue
just nod, agree and grin
there’s no place for emotional outbursts
in the society we’re in

It seems sometimes today
with all this mad confusion
in a world of talking robots
we’ve forgotten that we’re human

Yes I want to notice a smartly-dressed
pensioner alone by a train,
to image how it feels
feel his wisdom, feel his pain

because to feel a pull of emotion
glancing at a passing strangers eyes
is neither a weakness nor a hinderance
but a blessing in disguise




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Arwa says:

    Omg I love this, Thank you so much! XXX


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