Why I shaved my hair: a journey of self-discovery

Anyone who knows me knows how much I like to change my hair, but I never thought I would ever want to take the decision to shave it all off.



However a few months ago I started to receive some ‘signs’ (spooky) and the more I thought about it the more sense it made to me. Here’s why:

  1. No shampoo journey

Almost a year ago I stopped using shampoo and all hair products on my hair. Click here to find out exactly why but basically it was a quest to begin removing chemicals from my body, to make my hair thicker and healthier, and to remove myself from a cycle whereby we are reliant on paying companies to feel clean and beautiful. (Also see my post here about the beauty industry and here on how to further stop relying on them.)

Eventually I was able to wash my hair with only warm water with the same results as shampoo (awesome!!). It wasn’t easy but it was a TOTALLY worthwhile challenge. But I wanted to take this challenge to the next level and after shaving my hair I can say that my hair now has NEVER seen any chemicals and never will. I am intrigued to see what differences this will make now when I grow my hair……

2. Ease

I used to wake up each day and wonder whether my hair would behave or not. The state of my hair each morning would definitely help determine what kind of day I would have (crazy huh?!). As a woman I’m not saying hair is the most important thing in life, but also it kind of is!




I used to wash it every day or every other day which was quite time consuming and it is now one less thing to worry about now, which is especially helpful when traveling. I know what my hair will look like and do every morning because every morning it is the same and I do absolutely nothing with it! It’s so refreshing. No shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, serum, hair dryer, straighteners, hair bands, clips, brushes…….

3. Femininity challenge

I cut my hair short originally because I had ruined it beyond repair with bleach.


As soon as my hair was short I experienced a mini early mid-life crisis. I realised that not only was a lot of my identity contained within my hair but so too was a lot of my femininity.

I lost a lot of my confidence,  panicked, threw out all my pretty skirts and dresses and walked around for a good few weeks in baggy t-shirts and shorts feeling utterly unattractive and miserable. It took me a little while to realise that I didn’t need my hair to be a certain way to feel attractive or feminine. I could still be elegant, soft and fully express myself without relying on longer hair. Once I realised and embraced this, I wanted to take this challenge further and further.



The shorter my hair became the more my confidence in who I was grew.

Then something weird happened, all of a sudden people started talking to me about shaving their hair, I started to see more and more women with shaved hair, everywhere I went. I started mentioning to some people I was thinking about doing it and they were very encouraging. So I decided just to go for it.





I get a lot of positive comments, also some head tilts and ‘aww….why did you do that you looked so much better with long hair’ which just makes me smile. But the main thing is that I love it and I feel more womanly now than I have ever before which was completely unexpected but a WONDERFUL feeling.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jacalyn says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. Great insight


    1. lauragoss8 says:

      So glad you liked it! thanks x


  2. Looks beautiful shaved! Really suits you 🙂


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