10 reasons you should not go vegan! And the 1 reason no-one can argue with!

Going vegan seems to be the new black. Everyone from Beyonce and Jay Y, Chris Martin, Russell Brand are following the trend. It is slowly becoming somewhat of a mainstream trend which is reason in itself to approach this topic with caution.


Here are my top 10 reasons to avoid this rising craze. See if your favourite is here…

1. Eating meat and dairy is a personal choice

Variants: We have a right to eat animals

Ask yourself: where did this ‘right’ to eat meat come from?

2. We have been eating meat for centuries. It is natural

Variants: lions hunt for food, we are just animals too but we have found a more efficient way of doing it, there is a food chain, we are more intelligent

Things to consider:

  • there are plenty of things our ancestors did that we do not follow (slavery, fox hunting, child sacrifice)
  • wild animals hunt to survive. We live in a society where this is fortunately not necessary
  • we are also lucky enough to show a higher awareness and compassion than wild animals
  • the length of time we have been doing something does not justify its validity
  • being more intelligent doesn’t give us the right to kill another animal. We are more intelligent than dogs but we don’t kill them (in western culture)


3. Eating vegan is expensive, time consuming, difficult and doesn’t taste as nice

Variants: I couldn’t live without bacon or cheese, meat is too tasty

Things to consider:

  • life is not disposable just because it tastes nice
  • basic foods such as rice, pasta, beans, oats and vegetables are not expensive. At the moment vegan substitute foods are more expensive. However these are not necessary for a balanced diet

Check out these sites for some great vegan recipes:

Deliciously Ella


Jamie Oliver

4. At least we are giving life to animals that would otherwise not exist

Variants: they wouldn’t survive without us, they were bred to be killed, cows would explode if we didn’t milk them, it is unsustainable not to breed animals

Things to consider:

  • is it better to have a short miserable life than to not live at all?
  • 70% of the grains in the US are used to feed animals (1). Why are we creating animal lives to feed them our food and kill them for meat when 1/9 people are starving in the world?
  • animals suffer many health problems because of the way we have bred them for our particular needs. They are not part of our eco system in this current state. However if you argue conservation then raising them to slit their throats still makes no sense
  • not only is it environmentally sustainable to be vegan, it is absolutely not sustainable to continue to eat meat in the way we are doing.  1-2 acres of rainforest is cleared every minute to raise livestock, it is responsible for 91 % of Amazon destruction and 51% of greenhouse gas emissions (Cowspiracy)

5. One person can’t make a difference

Variant: I find it easy to close my ears, I have enough to think about, the whole world won’t go vegan so there’s no point, there are lots of humans suffering, we should focus on this before worrying about animals

Things to consider:

  • take personal accountability, lead by example
  • there will always be human problems in the world, this is not an excuse to ignore other issues
  • be the change you want to see
  • the whole world is unlikely to completely eradicate racism or sexism. This is not an excuse for you not to

6. We can be kind to animals by eating free range, organic, grass fed livestock

Things to consider:

  • Unfortunately free range does not mean a nice life. The egg industry kills 40 million male chicks each year because they are not egg layers. These are baby chickens NOT eggs, put on a conveyor belt and ground.
  • Unfortunately no matter how much money you spend on ‘good meat’, the end result is always the same; an animal losing its life in order for us to enjoy a meal.

7. I love animals, I just show it in a different way

  • It is possible to love animals by leaving them to live as natural life as possible, leave them alone whilst eating a huge range of food that doesn’t involve their use.
  • Do you love animals by financially supporting their captivity, pain, discomfort and death while your pet dog enjoys the finest organic dog food, hugs, kisses and respect?
  • Love and killing never go together


8. I can understand not eating meat, but producing dairy products isn’t harming any animals

  • As above, to create eggs for us, many male chicks must die
  • To create milk, calves are taken away from their mothers at a worryingly early age causing much distress. Male calves are usually killed because they cannot produce milk

9. I need meat and dairy for protein, B12 and calcium

Variants: children need calcium to grow big and strong, it is not possible to be fit and healthy on a vegan diet

  • Protein is extremely easy to find in other sources: nuts, seeds, oats, broccoli, quinoa, lentils, soya….
  • B12 is found in the following: almond, soya & coconut milk, tempeh, nutritional yeast
  • Calcium is contained in Oranges, dried apricots and figs, nuts, sesame seeds, baked beans and green leafy vegetables. All of which to not require drinking milk from another species to our own
  • There are many famous vegan athletes including Tony Gonzalez (NFL) Venus Williams, Mike Tyson, Carl Lewis
  • Cow’s milk has been correlated with heart disease, type 1 diabetes, and several types of cancer (2)
  • 1/3 Americans are of lactose intolerance worldwide (3)

For a long time milk has been an industry like any other. This is still true today. This about this next time you hear incredible health claims about it



This final reason is one that no-one can argue with….

10.  I do not care about the future of our planet or the welfare of animals



  1. Plants, Genes, and Agriculture” by  Jones and Bartlet)
  2. http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/consumption-of-cows-milk-in-teens-tied-to-later-prostate-cancer/
  3. http://www.personal.psu.edu/afr3/blogs/siowfa13/2013/09/is-lactose-intolerance-on-the-rise.html

Related site: https://www.facebook.com/vegansidekick





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