Zeitgeist- are your eyes open?

I have recently gotten round to watching a film that was recommended to me and I was so blown away by it. I would recommend to anyone to watch this but here are some notes I made as a quick reference:



  1. Zeitgeist on….  Christianity

Did you know:

  • Before Christ, there were numerous Greek and Egyptian ‘Sun Gods’
  • They were all born on 25th December by a virgin, involved stories of 3 Kings and 12 disciples, died for 3 days and were resurrected. Many also healed the dead and walked on water
  • The 3 Kings is a star constellation which, on 25th December each year align and point to sunrise. Hence the birth of the Sun (son)
  • Leading up to 22nd December the Sun gets lower in the sky, and then stays in the same position for 3 days in a crux (cross) position. On the 25th it rises (is resurrected) and makes it way north again. It’s not until Easter however that it reaches a position whereby ‘light overcomes darkness’ and there are more lights hours than dark which is why Easter is not actually celebrated until Spring.
  • The number 12, symbolysing the Sun’s zodiac signs is used repeatedly (187 times) in the Bible, (12 disciples, 12 pearl gates, 12 angels……). The cross as we know it is actually a Pagan adaptation of the cross of the Zodiac.
  • The Zodiac signs run for a couple of thousand of years and currently, until 2150, we are in Pisces. Hence the fish Jesus symbol and numerous references to fish in the bible.
  • Jesus Christ is effectively a plagiarism of the Egyptian God Horus. As with so many other aspects of the bible- Moses and Noah, for example, are all copies from stories created before 2000 BC.



So what happened to these stories that they are now believed by many to be history?

  • Despite many many historians living during Jesus’ time, there is not a single report by one of any such character existing.
  • A sophisticated government propaganda exercise was contrived in order to pacify and control the masses

Christianity detaches us from the natural works and each other, supports blind submission to authority and relinquishes human responsibility to God


2. Zeitgeist on….  9/11

For anyone who still believes this was an evil ‘terrorist’ attack from the outside and believes all terrorists are dressed in niqabs.


United Flight 175 Impacting Two World Trade Center

Did you know:

  • Many of the supposed 9/11 19 hijackers are still alive today despite supposedly crashing a plane into smithereens. Further, there is nothing linking any of them to Osama Bin Laden
  • There was a 3rd plane. Supposedly it hit the Pentagon and ‘completely vaporised’ upon impact. Any video footage of the Pentagon at this time which could prove this incident was subsequently confiscated by the FBI and has still never been released.
The Pentagon building after being hit by a plane leaving no remains
  • Building 7. This building mysteriously also collapsed, despite not being hit by anything. Fire was named as the cause and yet it fell just like the others; in a way which fits the ‘controlled demolition’ model perfectly.


  • Jet fighters usually present at such an event within 10 minutes were, on that day participating in terrorist exercises under Dick Cheney which included the exact incident that actually did occur. They became so confused that they did not reach the incident until 95 minutes afterwards.
  • Incidentally the 7/7/ England bombings also took place on the same day as an anti-terrorism training day involving the exact train station.

Why would the government execute such an horrific series of events?

  • Fear such as that arising from terrorism has historically been used to control society. There has always a been a ‘good vs. evil’, ‘conquer and divide’ play..
  • 9/11, under the false pretense of the ‘war on terror’ has so far enabled 2 illegal wars against Iraq and Afganistan



  • Not only that but it has led to the creation of severely limiting legislation which prevents individuals from fighting back against the regime such as:
    • legal detention indefinitely with no lawyer access
    • arrest without being read your charges
    • legal home searches without your presence or permission
    • legal torture
  • All in the name of ‘terrorism’. By way of an example to show what a ‘terrorist’ might look like; in a recent film I watched ‘Cowspiracy’, it was highlighted that activists and journalists exposing the truth about animal agriculture had been placed on the ‘domestic terrorism watch list’.
  • Former CIA officials have since admitted to faking the famous Osama Bin Laden confession video

9/11 is a laughably contrived incident used to justify years of ongoing invasions and wars

and finally:

Zeitgeist on….  The men behind the curtain

‘We are controlled by an elite few’

Did you know:

  • In 1907 JP Morgan started a rumour that 2 major banks were about to become insolvent. People panicked and quickly withdrew their money, causing the rumour to become true. JP then stepped in and donated a large sum of his own money.
  • A review was conducted by a commissioner linked to the Rothschild family (one of the most powerful and rich families on the planet) recommend that to avoid future panic, a central bank should be created
The Rothschilds labelled the most evil family ever known
  • In 1913 a top secret meeting  was held by the top bankers to draft the Federal Reserve Act. It was handed to President Woodrow Wilson who passed it in return for campaign support. Years later he would publicly admit to regretting this decision whereby the economy had been placed into the hands of a few private individuals seeking to destroy economic freedom



  • This central bank ‘The Federal Reserve System’ (FED) has repeatedly staged money-making schemes on the public.
    • 1914- 1918 it increased the loaned money supply to smaller banks. In 1920 it called all the loans back, leading to banks calling in their loans to private individuals; leading to bankruptcy and the collapse of the smaller banks.
    • 1921-1929 it repeated this farce and again increased lending to small banks, this time with the addition of ‘margin loans’ by which large amounts of money  could be borrowed with a small amount of your own money to be invested. These loans could be recalled within 24 hours at any time. In 1929 the Rothschilds and other elite individuals quietly exited the market and afterwards, called in the loans. The depreciation in the value of the smaller banks as a consequence allowed these individuals to buy up the smaller banks and other corporations at a fraction of the market value. This incident has been called the greatest robbery in American history. They subsequently did not re-invest their money and this led to the Great Depression.
    • Many people have spoken out about this and have subsequently been assassinated




  • The Federal Reserve is actually not federal. It is a private corporation, making its own policies and loaning money to the government with interest. It is an entirely unconstitutional corporation.
  • War is extremely lucrative for the FED:
    • World War I: After initially claiming that he wanted no involvement, President Wilson and his advisors, on record, sought how to initiate a reason to become involved. Shortly after, an American ship was deliberately steered into German waters where there had been a clear warning that any vessle doing so would be destroyed. Subsequently this ship was torpedoed killing 1200 American citizens, creating the anger required to justify involvement in the war. The Rothschilds made $200,000,000 from WWI and 3000 Americans died.
    • World War II: This time Pearl Harbour was the angering cause to justify participation by a nation in which 83% wanted no involvement. America provoked Japan by freezing their assets and supporting their enemies. The attack on Pearl Harbour was known about 3 days in advance but not prevented. Subsequently 1,000,000 volunteered to go to war. Pearl Harbour killed 2400 soldiers. Rothschild not only funded American forces but also funded the majority of German concentration camps and ammunition. Prescott Bush (George Bush’s grandfather) also profited hugely in this involvement.
    • Pearl_Harbor
      • Vietnamese war: this time the event was completely staged. The Gulf of Tonkin  story was invented involving the bombing  of American boats by the Vietnamese. The FED again funded both sides and further, new limiting combat rules were implemented to the American soldiers which led to an unnecessarily prolonged war. This war was never meant to be won, it was a money-generating scheme. 58,000 American citizens and 3,000,000 Vietnamese were killed.
      • The current Iraq war is also being unnecessarily prolonged for the same reasons and also to set up military camps from which to bomb non-conforming neighboring countries such as Iran and Syria


Ultimate aims:

  • The US school exam results are dropping year on year
  • Entertainment is increasing, so is the consumption of alcohol, amusement parks etc. The link? A dumbed-down society that is too distracted to question what is going on



  • A North American political and economic union, much like the European, African and Asian Union; uniting Canada, Mexico and the US is proposed (but not publisised). It will reportedly destroy the US constitution.
  • Eventually there will be one, single currently, single government world union. One bank, one army.
  • Rothschild has reportedly stated that he wants tracking and information- recording chips in everyone (not as ridiculous as it sounds considering ID cards in the USA are now compulsory and these chips are already in all new US passports. They are sold to us again through terrorism fear, with the promise of a safer world. If anyone does not confirm, these chips (if the Rothschilds gets their own way) can be turned off.







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