Raw vegetable juice with a shot of wheatgrass- a poem about well-being

Juices, spirulina, smoothies, nuts, raw

decaf, zero calorie, low fat and more

Vitamins, workouts, warm lemon juice, green tea

I will be healthy even if it kills me

Is this stuff working or is it all in vain?

To starve ourselves hungry and push through this pain

Maybe we should start, by learning to be kind

to our bodies which will follow, a truly healthy mind

Wake up each morning and ask ‘what do I need today?

To be mindful, appreciative, to meditate and pray

to your God, the Universe of your higher power self

This is the soulful way to truly inner health

To realise our wants and whys is to see

we can follow our own paths, not what’s broadcast on TV

Do you want to look like Sienna, Angelina

or anyone else? You can choose

to follow this route, the only certain outcome

is that you will definitely, one hundred percent lose

You are you and I am me

they are them and we are free

to persue a path where we are the best

version of ourselves, not following the rest

So exfoliate, moisturise and condition

these aren’t to be neglected

But find peace and calm within

and with yourself remain connected


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